Strength Training Tips for Runners

Strength Training Tips For Runners

02/10/2022 00:00:00 +0000
Bulgarian Split Squat
This is a great exercise to build strength for running
Want to improve your running? Make time each week (once or twice) to complete a "run specific" strength training session.

Here we have a long list of exercises that can be put together into three phases. For example, you could do each phase for three weeks and step up the intensity each week.

Phase 1

Week 1: Easy

Week 2: Medium

Week 3: Hard

Phase 2

Week 1: Easy

Week 2: Medium

Week 3: Hard

Phase 3

Week 1: Easy

Week 2: Medium

Week 3: Hard

After completing the first phase, move onto the second phase for three weeks. You'll end up with a 9-week strength training program.

Complete a good warm-up and always remember to include some mobility and activation exercises before every session.

Phase 1: Preparation Strength

Bird Dogs

Swiss Ball Walkouts (like a wheelbarrow)

Wobble board balancing or tilts (ankle strength, balance & proprioception)

Split Squats

Lateral Lunges

TRX Inverted Row (or pull ups on the fence at your local footy oval)

Seated Good Mornings

Your main priority in the first phase is technique

● Get the movements right

● Maintain good posture throughout all moves

● Ensure your body is balanced on both sides

● Check your range of motion

● Work on mobility

● Make your movement smooth and stress free

Phase 2: Foundational Strength


Squats (Air Squat, Back Squat, Front Squat, Goblet, ATG)

Seated Row (tall posture, shoulders back)

Hamstring Curls

Hip Thrusts / Glute Drive

Bulgarian Split Squat / ATG Split Squat

Your main priority in the second phase is dense strength. Challenge yourself by lifting a heavy weight, with less reps and increase the weight by 10% each week. The most difficult thing when training through heavy weight loading is that it makes a running body feel heavy, however that feeling won't last and the strength improvements will.

● Lift heavy

● Keep running, even though you might feel heavy yourself

● Shorter sessions to focus on heavier weights

● Run some hills during this phase also

Phase 3: Specific Strength

Pistol Squat > into tip toe / heel raise

Single Leg glute raises

Single Arm cable row (standing)

Side Woodchop: Standing Cable Rotation

Landmine single arm overhead press, from a lunge position, knee drive

The opportunity in the specific strength phase, is to use the general strength gains you've made to focus on becoming faster, more powerful, or just generally stronger. It's difficult to do any of these components without good technique & posture, so keep that in mind.

● Use lighter weights

● Improve your technique & efficiency

● Start to produce some controlled power in your lifts

● Increase speed for shorter distances or a sprint finish if you need it

Jai is the Director and founder at Life Logic. As owner at Anytime Fitness in Albury and Wodonga who are major sponsors of the Hume Bank City2City Fun Run. Jai was asked to write some tips and tricks to support local athletes looking to get the best from themselves.

As a junior, he participated in many local fun-runs as a member of the Wodonga Athletic Club, and studied a Bachelor Of Applied Science in Human Movement. He later went on to win two consecutive World Championships in Triathlon over the sprint distance in 2009 & 2010.

If you have any questions about getting ready for the Hume Bank City2City, please send Jai and his team of fitness coaches a message on Instagram:

Good luck to everyone participating in the Anytime Fitness 10km event. We will see you at the finish line for some well deserved recovery and replenishments.

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