we look to NATURE to inform how we NURTURE and coach. Empowering you to unlock your unique, innate potential 
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My biggest challenge is weight management
I'm more about fitness and know that will lead me to results
I need motivation and want to focus on my mindset
I want to take a holistic approach to my health and fitness
Here's what some of our clients and customers have to say about our online coaching services and courses
"I'm giving myself permission to transition over time and no longer expect quick fixes"
"I've never belonged to a gym let alone done anything like this online program, so it's been super scary...

... Now that I'm in, it's blowing me away

Totally worth it!!"

"Jai, you assembled content that I simply couldn't believe. Staggeringly awesome


Thank you, to you and the team"

"This gives me motivation to do something outside what I thought was previously possible"
"I feel so good about myself!

Bring on health and abundance

Thanks again for this opportunity xx"

"Incredible program"
"We're only half way through the challenge but already I'm very excited about the future"
"So grateful to be part of this journey with Life Logic. Wow."
"I got a lot out of your take on things, particularly the relationship with my Monkey and tying your Ideal Self with a health goal. It makes so much sense!"
About Jai Forster
Life Logic founder, Jai Forster, has worked across many fitness brands and delivered products and services through different channels. Along the way, he noticed patterns from different aspects and integrated little gems of knowledge into one platform.
Life Logic is that platform. A repository of all the best bits.
Jai grew up competing in distance running and triathlon events around Australia. After high school, he followed his passion to study a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) before embarking on a career as a professional triathlete, on a path towards burn-out within a year. 
Jai's business career started taking shape when he opened a PT studio in Melbourne in 2002. By 2013 he was working and consulting for multiple companies including BioAge, PT Academy & later became the National Project Manager of Operations for Anytime Fitness Australia.
Interestingly, the highlight of his personal athletic career came in 2009 and 2010 when he became World Triathlon Champion over the sprint distance. At the time, he was running his own business, coaching PT clients and leading a team of trainers at Unlimited Personal Training. 
"Balancing the pressures from business and winning back-to-back World Championships was an absolute highlight." 
He attributes those two wins to training to his unique biological and genetic rhythm more-so than his previous experience as a professional triathlete.
"Our team's mission is to help scale a movement of movement, for healthy minds and happy hearts. To use epigenetics and nature to inform us how to coach and nurture, unlocking each client's innate potential."
iPilot (lite)
Designed to help your goal setting, health, fitness, intrinsic motivation, self esteem, career and family dynamics. iPilot is our ultimate mindset program.
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Little do you know, you've been setting goals with someone else's method, a method which motivates them.
iPilot will help you unlock your own inspirations and internal motivations to then embrace your unique behaviour and action dynamic to regain control of your health and self image.
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