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The i28 Challenge is a one of a kind, 28-day program, designed to be a transformational re-launch of whatever it is you want to change.
You will be provided with strategies and an accountability framework which you can personalise.

You'll be challenged to "move" every day, plus you'll get daily lessons, workshops and content on nutrition and mindset.
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Most fitness challenges you've tried haven't really got you where you wanted to go.

They promise results, and while you might get some...

It's never what you've been promised.

Well, that's where Life Logic's i28 Challenge is different.

You are not getting a generic diet plan and training plan. Why should we put that limitation on you?

Instead, you are receiving the opportunity of 28-days of life changing focus, invaluable lessons from expert coaches on the subjects of mind, movement and nutrition.

We bring the framework and the information and you bring your decision and intensity to change.

Because seven days in, if you commit, you won't know yourself!
Why should we promise something to your unknown future self?
Why limit your future to this promise?
Truth is...
The potential is unlimited.
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Here's what you'll focus on:
  • Clarify your i28 goals: Our assessment tools will help you reflect and identify the changes you want to make
  • Determine your iQuit goal: Recognise what's holding you back and commit to a habit you will quit
  • Use the iRitual Board: Track your habits daily and receive suggestions from our team to keep you accountable
  • We reveal: The most common goal setting method almost everyone gets 100% WRONG and how to fix it
  • Gain better life-long habits: Learn how to recognise positive habits and make them stick
  • iThink: Goal setting & meditation to get your mind in it's healthiest state
  • iMove: with home-based workouts and daily movement challenges
  • iEat: Information, workshops and behaviour change tips
  • Be part of an exclusive i28 Facebook group to access support from our highly qualified coaches
  • Connect with the i28 challenge community to share progress and light bulb moments
  • Receive feedback and suggestions from our coaching team
  • i28 Detox Get prepared with our pre-challenge detox. Remove toxic stuff from your life & get clear
  • Support Materials: Recordings, worksheets, downloadable PDFs, programs
  • Pilot License Program Valued at $297. You'll get the majority of this program where we reveal the main reason most people get goal setting wrong, and what to do about it. 
  • Video Webinars & Education from industry leaders within the health industry
  • iReview Access the content to ensure it sinks in (for a limited time after day 28)
The i28 framework provides a set structure with customised outcomes
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We host a private social group inside our Academy+ to connect during the 28-days.

To get the most out, you need to put in. Help us create enthusiasm and contribute to the conversations on the forum.
We'll ask you to capture, clarify, crystalise a big scary goal that's worth playing for.

You'll receive daily coaching workshops, challenges, and expert advice from our i28 Mentors. 

i Change
Commit to ONE THING you want to change, start or achieve by the time this 28-day challenge is over.
i Stop
The power of the i28 comes from identifying something destructive, and replacing it with something constructive.
i Ritualise
Habits come from daily actions and routine. What will your future habits be after this 28-days?
Mind Management
Mindset is everything. All we ask is that you go into this 28-day challenge with an open mind.

Leave all judgement at the door, because there's no room in your future for an ego.
i Move
Daily Movement
It's no secret that modern technology and convenience has lead to decreased levels of incidental exercise and increased depression.
Set yourself the challenge to move every day. 
i Eat
Healthy Nutrition
Discover the freedom of eating a variety of food, and become curious to try new things.

Why not start your day with a hydrating morning cocktail?
iThink - iMove - iEat
Mind Management, Daily Movement and Nutrition
The i28 Challenge supplies you with lessons that are unlocked daily.
Each day contains a workout and two theory lessons on mindset and nutrition.

You will learn in-depth information across the three sessions that link back to the i28 framework.
 Answers to your questions, such as:
How to create a healthy habit?
Why do a detox (and why to avoid it)?
How can I eliminate an unwanted habit?
How does movement link to my mood?
What's my relationship with food?
How do I approach each day with a positive and health mindset?
As well as being challenged with a movement task to keep you active and smiling every day.
I'm ready to Join the Challenge!
Meet your i28 Mentors
Jai Forster
Life Logic Founder
Jai's 360° view of "fitness" stems from his interest in the science of human performance. He looks at movement as a vehicle to enhance our entire life experience.

From a young age, his competitive nature provided the ambition and drive in sport, culminating in two back-to-back World Championship in triathlon.

Extending his passion into a career as a Personal Trainer and fitness business owner since 2002, he gathered momentum in empowering people to find balance between wellness and performance.

With analytical empathy, Jai finds innovative ways to connect clients to the right solution, at the right time, for life changing results.
Kylianne Farrel
Move For Mental Health
I am one face of mental health, I believe in the power of sharing stories with vulnerability to fight the stigma that surrounds mental health to unravel the shame to reduce the barriers to help seeking. I want to inspire people to discover what lights the fire within, to set them on the adventure of freedom.

i28 Topics:
Tom Cronin
Transformation Coach
I am a transformational coach, speaker, retreat host, author of six books, meditation teacher, and also a film producer of the hit documentary called The Portal.

i28 Topics:
Ian O'Dwyer
Co-Founder of SOMA,  Founder of OD on Movement
Ian has a unique observation and appreciation of the body in motion. Many years of extensive conditioning and rehabilitation through sport combined with spending time with global groundbreakers in the industry, has authorized Ian to evolve an effective movement philosophy.

This has lead Ian to evolving applications that empower clients and coaches with solutions to everyday issues, enabling them to regain responsibility for their own wellbeing. Creating a freedom to enjoy the experience of life and accomplish whatever goal they may require.

In his journey, Ian has also delivered over 500 workshops worldwide. His ability to facilitate the cutting edge science and research on many topics into practical solutions has empowered wellness professionals to lead their client?s to more efficient and effective results.

i28 Topics:
Chad Timmermans
Exercise Physiology and Applied Psychologist
Chad Timmermans is an exercise physiology and applied psychologist. He has been working internationally in paediatric rehabilitation for 22 years.

Chad grew up in his parents paediatric rehabilitation clinic. He has spent his whole life around children with special needs. The result of which is a very diverse background of in-depth knowledge and experience

Chad's passion is helping children achieve their first*. First step, first balance, fist time sitting, first time crawling. In order to do this Chad has dedicated his career to continually searching for new therapies to help kids achieve the next level of ability.

i28 Topics:
Justine Bloome
Elevated Entrepreneurship
Justine Bloome is a certified meditation instructor and mindfulness advocate. Justine transformed her own life, career and business using mindful daily practices. She teaches the power of self-leadership to elevate the way we empower ourselves and others.

i28 Topics:
Dr Cam McDonald
CEO ph360 & Dietitian
"With increased awareness, we can make better choices, which creates greater action, which allows us to reflect and refine our lives towards the freedom we all want."

I love motivating people, and helping them to live their best life, taking into consideration their genetics, their food & lifestyle choices and their environment.

Nothing gets me going more than  supporting people to increase their awareness of themselves, others around them, and experience dramatic improvements in their health as a result.

i28 Topics:
Clint Hall
Almar Organics
Clint Hall, along with his wife Katie, are the very proud owners of Almar Organics in Albury NSW.

With a focus on providing organic foods and health products, Clint & Katie have dedicated their careers to sourcing the freshest organic produce every week, and educating communities on healthy living.

i28 Topics: Removing toxins from your home, eating organic, 
Mat Shirley
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Mat Shirley is a hypnotherapist for fun and therapeutic purposes. He helps people that feel out of balance in there life with his seven step program. Finding their unconscious issues and helping them reconnect with themselves.

i28 Topics:
Dom Dos Remedios
PT Academy
Dom is an industry leading educator in the fitness industry.

Dom spent a few years as a PE Teacher in Sydney before some time in New York as a Personal Trainer at Crunch Fitness, and then Regional PT Manager, while truly learning the 'business' of personal training.

Word soon spread of Dominic's achievement back home in Australia and in 2002 he was recruited into the role of National PT Manager for Fitness First Australia. He was responsible for over 1600 personal trainers across 94 clubs. He spent 8 years with the Fitness First  before deciding to come full circle and follow his passion for education and joining the Personal Training Academy which he now owns alongside his Wife, Melony. 

Dom believes in empowering PTs and Staff with a collaborative coaching philosophy. He's a lover of functional movement in whatever form it takes.

i28 Topics: Functional bodyweight workouts and a "RockFit" Circuit
Jenna Poole
Clinical Nutritionist
It's my mission to empower women to live a nourishing and vital life through nourishing food and inspiring information.

I pride myself in holding a space for clients where they can learn how to make informed choices around nutrition & training in order to live each day a little healthier than the last.

i28 Topics:

Alanna Brown
Nutritionist and Workshop Facilitator
My love of food and passion for strengthening our food system led to my completing a Masters in Human Nutrition at Deakin University.

With sustainability and health in mind, I take an evidence based non-diet approach to nutrition.

My goal is to pass on relevant and practical nutrition education and advice to individuals and businesses, to help nurture a positive relationship with food and our environment

i28 Topics:
Andrew "Chaddy" Chadwick
Fitness Educator, Presenter and Master Instructor

With over 15 years of fitness industry experience to draw on, "Chaddy" is a course content creator, NLP Practitioner, PTA Global Faculty Member, TRX and Trigger Point Performance Senior Master Course Instructor, Senior SandBell, Kettlebell and Battling Ropes instructor. He is also an Animal Flow Master Instructor.

His time in the Australian army led him through some physical pain and then on a journey to discover its cause. That then led him to health and fitness where he has been able to help himself and others through movement coaching. He was eventually able to return to his sporting passion, Australian Rules Football, as a player and coach. He is now studying martial arts and finds it a fantastic way to learn and observe movement.

Chaddy can apply science and intuition to movement and make it fun and through this earned the 2017 Network FILEX Presenter of the year. His driving passion is now to create health for others, by helping coaches create long term results for their clients.

i28 Topics:
Mel Dos Remedios
CEO of PT Academy

Melony dos Remedios is a CEO of PT Academy, her focus is elevating the standard of the fitness experience and passionately creating success for graduates for the achievement of their clients.

Melony believes fitness should be inclusive and client centric. She understands the importance of meeting people where they need to be met and embracing each individuals' gifts and talents. Melony is a champion for the joy of progress rather than the fruitless pursuit of perfection.

Melony has worked in senior management and leadership roles including the Flagship Crunch Fitness in NYC, NSW Regional PT Manager for Fitness First, Corporate Health Director for NRG solutions and Anytime Health and Bodyworkz Manager at Anytime Fitness.

Her experience as a Personal Trainer, Professional Fitness Competitor, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Achieve Global Leadership Trainer, Flow Consultant, Improv Actor, Wife and Mother of two beautifully spirited children give her a truly unique approach to supporting change.

i28 Topics:
Dean Gladstone
Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach and a Bondi Lifeguard

Dean is a former national gold medallist in swimming and surf lifesaving.

He is a qualified and practising Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer and Holistic Health Coach, A Wim Hof method instructor and a Bondi Lifeguard
He has 20 years experience coaching both kids and adults ensuring a unique and individual approach to improving the health and performance of all his students and clients.

For the past 4 years, Dean has been facilitating Power of the Breath workshops and courses. Thousands of students have gained a full understanding of the health benefits associated with Breathwork and are healing themselves from a range of challenges including Anxiety, Respiratory conditions, Sleep disorders, Snoring and Fatigue.
He focussed primarily on the study of many breathing techniques including Oxygen Advantage, XPT, Traditional pranayama, Tuumo, Holotropic and the power of CO2 tolerance for performance. This specialisation in all things breathwork has resulted in vast improvements for the elite athletes who see Dean for performance training.

Dean has always had an interest in the breath. As an asthmatic child, he managed it through his swim training at first and incorporated nutrition, breathing and movement, particularly yoga.

Dean believes firmly that by improving diet, hydration, mindset and goal setting, mobility and movement and of course breath, many challenges can be overcome.

He expanded this knowledge to include nutrition and lifestyle choices focusing less on pushing hard and more on listening to and understanding the body.

Dean's career as a Lifeguard, literally rescuing people and bringing them back to life with the Power of the Breath means he has a unique and special skill set and understands the functionality of hypoxic training.

His vast experience of achieving personal goals and working towards a better self allows him to approach his clients with humility, understanding and work towards best possible outcomes for everybody and every body.

i28 Topics:
There's so many transformation challenges around these days.
But we didn't start this challenge just to get some skin in the game amongst other popular challenges.
No, it was created as a program for a select group of personal training clients to get actual life changing results.

It came from asking questions like:
Why do some clients get results and others don't?" 

True change requires the truth.
True change requires a paradigm shift.
Life Logic wasn't created to cut corners.
It was built around empowerment and facing up to the big questions.
So unless you're willing to use this 28-days, to spend a little bit of time on yourself each day, then maybe this challenge isn't for you.

If we ask you to commit to true change, you need to be willing to explore all the possibilities that might be holding you back.
Are you ready to leave your ego at the door, enter the i28 Portal with an open mind, commit to something substantial and embrace some learning about yourself for 28-days straight?

Yes, we find it funny when people ask us
"What makes the i28 Challenge different to other 28-day challenges".
We actually can't compare it, because it wasn't created for a commercial reason.
It was created to actually change people's lives.
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