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OD On Movement
At OD on Movement, we recognise movement is a key element of life and optimising three significant components of the body is required:Tissue, Motion, Force.

As an end user, this is essential as it minimises confusion and enable choice of more intelligent movement.

If we understand what the tissues are and their roles, what they require to be healthy and how they function under stress, successful outcomes are achievable.

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Tom Cronin - Meditation
Discover How to get Deep Calm and Happiness in Every day.
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Justine Bloome
"In a world of hustling, Embodied Leadership is an act of rebellion."

I'm Justine — an intentionally restless, generously open, resiliently heart-led truth teller.

I am a certified meditation teacher, an embodied leadership mentor, creator of The Mindful Series, speaker, podcaster, and connector of people.

I guide heart-led high-achievers to become embodied leaders. I share courses, systems, resources and practical ways for changing the way we lead ourselves and others.

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