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ShaeFitTM is an easy to use, completely personalised mobile health app that helps you get healthy without even thinking about it. ShaeFitTM grabs data from your body, environment and habits and delivers real-time advice to help you achieve your health & fitness goals whenever you want it.

ShaeFitTM doesn't just track your Data - ShaeFit gives you solutions to change, improve and maintain your health. ShaeFitTM users change what they eat and it affects their relationships, adjust the time of day to exercise and it changes their weight loss results. All because ShaeFitTM uses data from YOU and gives you practical, helpful solutions to change your health and fitness.


Your Diet and Foods - Sorted.

Know what to eat, when to eat and how to eat it, to ensure you get results, fast. Simple, personalised food guides delivered in real-time by your powerful interactive virtual health assistant Shae - including WHY.

Your Meals Planned. Stat.

One tap creates a weekly meal plan personalised to you. Use the shopping list to make it yourself or get Shae to order in with home delivery.

Recipe Book

12000+ healthy recipes, matched to your unique body by Shae, labelled according to how good they are for you, with search filters to remove your 'foods to avoid' and to include your highest ranked foods. All you need to stay inspired, motivated and deliciously ft & healthy.

Tailored Workouts. On Demand.

7000+ exercises ranked according to your natural body shape and goals means you can build a workout that is ideal for you, or tap once for Shae to create a completely tailored, ready-made session.

Body Care. Like Never Before.

Train your body's inherent weaknesses to prevent injury with specific pre-hab exercises, or have Shae improve your range of motion with stretching protocols personalised to your natural body shape and flexibility.

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