All Life Logic Memberships start with two separate online appointments. Firstly, an epigenetics health assessment & a second to follow up on your outcomes via 1-on-1 debrief
Epigenetic questionnaire
Overview of epigenetics
Log-ins and downloads
Awareness & next steps
1-on-1 DEBRIEF
A debrief of your personal profile
Review of your outcomes and future results over time
Website & App orientation
Discover your top 4 prioritised areas
Focus points & goals
Once you've completed your assessment, you'll be welcomed into the Life Logic community with open arms. You'll gain access to the areas of our community based on your selected membership option.
$22 per week
$297 setup fee
Life Logic Academy Forum
Shae: Virtual Advisor
Online Social Group
Receive Personal Daily Notifications
Live Monthly Coaching (Webinar)
Live Monthly Measure Ups (Webinar)
Private text support from a panel of endorsed Life Logic Coaches
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